Astron College of Education – Meerut


Admission Open 2024-25: B.B.A / B.C.A (AICTE Approved)
Registration Starts for B.ED & D.EL.ED Courses
Collaboration with DROISYS (USA). 100% Placement Assistance

How To Apply

Admission Process at Astron College of Education

  1. Obtain the application form: Visit Astron College of Education for collect the application form.

  2. Fill out the application form: Complete the application form accurately with all required personal and academic information. Ensure that you provide all necessary documents as specified by the college.

  3. Gather required documents: Gather essential documents such as educational transcripts, certificates, identification proof, and any other documents mentioned in the application form.

  4. Submit the application form: Once you have filled out the application form and gathered all necessary documents, submit them along with the application fee (if applicable) to the designated address provided by the college.

  5. Keep track of your application: After submitting the application, keep track of any communication from the college regarding the status of your application, admission tests (if applicable), or further instructions.

  6. Attend any required processes: If there are any entrance exams, interviews, or counseling sessions as part of the admission process, make sure to attend them as per the schedule provided by the college.

  7. Await admission decision: Once you have completed all necessary steps, await the admission decision from Astron College of Education. You may receive notification via mail or phone regarding your admission status.

  8. Complete enrolment and registration: Upon acceptance, follow the instructions provided by the college for enrollment and registration procedures.

If you have any questions or need assistance during the application process, you can contact the admissions office of Astron College of Education directly for guidance.

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