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Prof. (Dr.) S. Hussain ( Head of the Departmen)

Prof. (Dr.) S. Hussain is a distinguished academician and a visionary leader in the field of education, currently serving as the Head of the Department of Education. With a comprehensive educational background and a wealth of professional experience, Dr. Hussain stands as a beacon of knowledge and innovation in his field.

His academic journey is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep-seated passion for learning. Dr. Hussain holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, laying the groundwork for his scholarly endeavors. He further pursued Master’s degrees in Geography, History, and Hindi from the same institution, enriching his understanding of diverse subjects and broadening his intellectual horizons. Additionally, he obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education from C.C.S. University, Meerut, further solidifying his expertise in pedagogy and educational theory. His academic pursuits culminated in a Ph.D. in Education from Mewar University, Raj., where he made significant contributions to the field through his research endeavors.

With a robust educational foundation, Dr. Hussain embarked on a professional journey marked by a series of significant roles and contributions. As an Assistant Professor at Astron College for fourteen years, he imparted knowledge and inspired countless students with his dynamic teaching methodologies and profound insights. In 2021, he assumed the prestigious role of Head of the Department of Education at Astron College, where he continues to shape the academic landscape of the institution with his visionary leadership and strategic vision.

In addition to his roles within the academic realm, Dr. Hussain is actively involved in scholarly research and publishing. Since 2023, he has served as a Research Guide in the Department of Education at CCS University, Meerut, where he mentors aspiring scholars and contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the field. Furthermore, Dr. Hussain serves as an examiner for both theory and practical examinations in the Department of Education at CCS University, further showcasing his commitment to academic rigor and excellence.

Dr. Hussain’s influence extends beyond the classroom through his prolific contributions to academic literature. As an esteemed author, he has authored numerous books, including entrance guides, solved papers, question banks, textbooks, lesson plans, and practical books for various educational programs. His publications, available through esteemed publishers such as Pooja Saran Prakashan Mandir and R. Lall Book Depot in Meerut, serve as invaluable resources for students and educators alike.

With a total experience of seventeen years, Prof. (Dr.) S. Hussain embodies the essence of academic leadership, blending scholarly expertise with a profound dedication to the holistic development of his students and the advancement of knowledge in the field of education. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his enduring passion for learning continue to inspire and empower generations of students and scholars alike.

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