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Dr. Amrita Kaushik
Assistant Professor, Department of Arts

Dr. Amrita Kaushik is a respected scholar and educator with a rich background in modern history and education. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Arts at Astron College of Education, she brings her passion for teaching and research to the college community, having joined the institution in 2023.

Education and Qualifications:
Dr. Kaushik earned her Ph.D. in Modern History from C.C.S University, Meerut, showcasing her deep understanding of historical contexts and their impact on contemporary society. She also holds multiple master’s degrees, including M.A. in Education and M.A. in History, as well as an M.Ed and a B.Ed from C.C.S University, highlighting her comprehensive academic foundation in both history and education.

Professional Experience:
With 8 years of teaching experience, Dr. Kaushik has held various academic positions prior to joining Astron College. She served at S.T.S Jain Degree College in Khatta, Baghpat, and S.S.S.R.S.S Degree College in Mawana, Meerut, as well as Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute in Modinagar. Her diverse teaching experience contributes to her holistic approach to education.

Teaching Philosophy:
Dr. Kaushik’s teaching approach focuses on fostering critical thinking and analytical skills in her students. She encourages active participation and discussion, creating an engaging classroom environment where students can explore complex topics in history and the arts.

Dr. Amrita Kaushik’s dedication to academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, and commitment to student success make her an invaluable asset to the Astron College community. Her passion for her field and her students ensures that she continues to inspire and educate future generations of scholars.

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